Thursday, February 22, 2007

What's the scoop on Dash Trim?

You want to modify your interior, but aren't sure where to start. You want acool color scheme, custom look and feel, and something unique. Where do you start?

My favorite place to start customizing interiors is with the dash trim. A dash trim modification is one that is relatively easy to do, offers a lot of options, and gets the most value for the dollar on the finished product. A good dash trim modification can totally transfor the interior of your ride.

Let's look at some options, working from easiest to hardest and most expensive. You can select a vinyl dash trim kit in just about any color and finish you can think of. These dash trim kits are relatively inexpensive ranging from about $50 to $200, depending on the application and the number of pieces. These dash trim kits are a vinyl covering that attaches to the existing dash trim by adhisive on the back of the trim pieces. The vivyl kits are thin and flexible enough to contour to the vehicles interior curves, and when installed correctly with care and patience, they can really enhance the inside of your car. We have posted a section below on how to correctly install these kits.

The next type of dash trim kit is the full trim kit. These kits actually replace the existing trim pieces. They are available in a wood, carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, fiberglass, or urethane finish in a variety of colors. Full trim dash trim kits are generally more expensive, but offer show quality design, durability, and an excellent finish. These can be a little more tricky to install if you are inexperience with dash trim. Most panels in newer cars use a mixture of screws and clips to hold the dash in plae. identify the individual panels, remove all the screws, and carefully pop out each panel by releasing the holding clips.

Some have gone as far as to create custom molded dash trim kits, which are much more expensive, but offer a uniqueness and style that is truly your own. Using this method for creating dash trim kits can allow you to reposition your dash components, add gauges and gauge pods, change the head unit slot size, add speakers and speaker systems, add monitors, and create a completely custom driving experience. These modifications are not easy, and require lots of planning and fabrication to function properly. The end result is a show-stopping modification that will have you enjoying every second behind the wheel. Add this to a good set of sport seats, a custom stereo system, some accent lighting, and other auto accessories and you've got a show winner!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Dash Trim Kit Installation Guide (Vinyl Kits)

This Installation Guide will hep you install your vinyl dash trim kit. Follow these simple instruction to ensure success.

Step 1: Carefully check fit of each dash piece to ensure proper alignment. Do not remove red backing at this time.
Step 2: Use Alcohol Pad to wipe surface clean. The surface must be free of all debris and oils(armor all,etc) for the kit to adhere properly.
Step 3: Carefully apply adhesion promoter. (included) Only apply to areas to be covered with kit.
Step 4: For larger pieces carefully position dash piece in plate. Carefully pull back top half and remove red liner work from middle back to top then carefully remove red liner and continue with middle to bottom. (For small pieces you can remove entire red liner)
Step 5: To complete installation firmly press dash into position and hold momentarily.
Step 6: After kit is installed use a clean soft cloth and wipe(polish) to finish.
Step 7: Sit back and enjoy the new look of your custom inerior!

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Choosing a Dash Trim Kit

Dash Trim Kits are an awesome way to enhance your cars interior. The kits are available in real wood, real aluminum, real carbon fiber, and an assortment of vinyl kits that have a wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber look.

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The real replacement dash trim kits are much more expensive, but the quality, look, and feel is superior to the vinyl kits. The vinyl versions of these are much less expensive, and in a lot of applications, are completely reversible if the vehicle is sold, or you decide on a new look.

The best way to select a dash trim kit is to view installed examples of cars similar to your own. Take note of existing interior colors and exterior colors. You can find these by performing an image search on google for your car application.

Once you find the style you want, decide on how much you want to spend. If you just want to add a little flash to your interior, I would stick to the vinyl versions, as they do give you a lot of bang for the buck, but if you are modifying your whole interior and adding other auto accessories I would look for the real versions.

You can find all of these kits in a variety of styles at Majestic Modifications. Once on the site, you can "Search By Car" for all the kits available for your application.

Read our Dash Kits Installations Guide for tips on installing you dash trim kits!

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